The Belizean Dream


As I have searched more and more, I have found that the American Dream has become practically non-existent. After 2 hour walk on the beach with a local Belizean I have found a dream the dream I am looking for..The Belizean Dream.

After previous conversations with a close friend from home(Born in Zimbabwe) I was shocked to hear that there are so many families that move to the U.S. with a search of freedom only to realize that they are in a worse situation than they were before. Yes I understand that compared to a lot of places in the world the U.S. is a huge improvement, but what are these people coming here for? What is the dream that has people packing up and moving across the world?

Many say freedom, opportunities, or the overall ability to better yourself. But I have found that many of these perks aren’t achievable. Freedom of speech rarely shows its true purpose, Opportunities are based on the availability of money, and many ways to truly better yourself are hidden by the government  as a way to continue the cycle of disease and corporate interests.

I first came to Belize last year as a graduation present from my mom and step-dad, San Pedro(the island) was our destination. Immediately I was blown away by the ease of life and down to earth locals that make the tourism possible. The week was filled with mixed drinks, fuzzy memories, hangovers and fun, but a lack of a true appreciation for this amazing country. I had a dose of the drunk island life which at the time was an amazing time but it seemed like something was missing.

This trip had one goal: Superfoods and Serenity. And that is exactly what I have found.

In the last year I have come to find the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and a positive mindset, I had created my own paradise long before boarding the plane.

So what is this Belizean Dream?

Freedom. True freedom. Love. Unity. LIFE. Not the bs that CNN or Fox tells you about when talking about your first amendment “rights”, but the freedom to live undisturbed from most common restrictions, toxic preservatives, polluted air, and a society of no.

In my walk with Nicholas, a life-long resident of Placencia and a descendant of one of the villages founding families..I saw that regardless of the situation there was still a smile on the faces of Belizeans. He talked about the local food, government, women, and everything else a pair of young men talk about..but our conversation turned a bit when I asked about the possibilities in the future. There seems to be such a desire to do but a lack of support system to achieve these dreams.

This is when I realized my Belizean Dream..empowerment.If everyone had the support system and empowerment to achieve the goals they desire, I believe we would be making progress as a society.

So what is it that you desire? 

Now think of how you can empower the others around you to accomplish what they desire and watch change take place.

Empowerment. Love. Grassfed

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