"Blueprint Organic Kombucha: Miss Tang" and an intro to Kombucha

“Crafted with a blend of organic cold pressed lime, lemon, and ginger juice”

I was in Sprouts this morning and found a new brand of Kombucha that was on sale so I decided to try it out. There were a lot of different flavors to choose from, I usually go with a gingerade but today I went with Miss Tang.

For anyone who doesn’t know about Kombucha, it is an incredible fermented tea with probiotics and sometimes assorted fruit juices. Health benefits include: improved digestion, boosted metabolism, promotes healthy gut flora(healthy bacteria in  your belly), and usually gives a nice energy buzz.

Cultures for Health is a great source of info on Kombucha, with articles and steps in brewing your own at home (saves so much money!!).

My personal preference for Kombucha is a very strong flavor that sometimes has a bit of a bite to it, the flavor that keeps some people from drinking it. So that being said..everyone has their preferences for everything and Kombucha can be brewed many different ways.

The first thing that I noticed was the lack of culture floating in the bottom of the bottle, not saying that is a bad thing..just an observation. My first drink had a light tint of ginger and a more dominant citrus flavor. It was a pleasant taste that I think many more people will enjoy as it didn’t have that jaw-tightening bite to it.

Overall the drink is a nice light Kombucha with clean ingredients, not my personal favorite but that is completely preference based on strength of brew. I will definitely try other products from BluePrint Organic in the future and recommend them to anyone who likes a lightly flavored Kombucha.

Their website is : http://www.blueprint.com/

Twitter: @BPOrganic

My official grade: B+ for Great flavor and clean ingredients but it doesn’t pack that Kombucha punch that I love to get.

If there are any products that you think I should try out and review..tweet at me or email me and let me know! I always love to try new healthy products.


E-mail: wearegrassfed@yahoo.com


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Adding one healthy drink like this a day can be an easy first step to boost your health and maybe even kickstart a new lifestyle.



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