Becoming Grassfed Day 11: World Food Day


San Ignacio, Belize-Belmopan, Belize

Another day, another adventure. New friends and incredible experiences.

My foot is still attached, no amputation necessary. It was still a little puffy and still is now(Midnight Saturday AM) but we cured it using natural remedies(more info below).

The day started off with a ride to Belmopan to set up for the World Food Day festivities. As we got into town we quickly found our spot and unloaded the stuff for the booth. Once the signs were hung and displays were up, I had to head to the immigration office to get my passport stamped. The one thing that you have to maintain as an American in Belize.After $25 US and a short wait in line, I was (for some reason) expididted to the front and saw an agent right away.

After this we headed to the Health Foods Store. I had to make sure that I got sodium bentonite clay to help deplete the swelling of my feet. I also saw some organic ginger powder on sale for $5 US so I had to get some. I get too excited when I get in these stores, a natural pharmacy where people can access the true medicine that truly helps people get well. As well as these two products I got some peppermint essential oils to help keep ants and spiders out of the cottage.

POB World Food.jpgThe World Food Day was pretty successful, alot of people who wanted to use organic methods but can’t acces the proper materials or education. I learned alot from talking to people. I also met an Author named Michael Somerville (    and we are working on combining his books with The Grassfed Way. His books talk about the harsh conditions that are happening to Belize and the rest of the world.Footprint: A Belizean Environmental Series.activated-char

After world food day I had an awesome vegan dinner with amazing new friends.As we waited, I made a concoction of anti bug bite products: Castor Oil, Sodium Bentonite Clay, and Activated Charcoal. Evan, from the ashram and his friends from the UK were hiking with Sparkle for the first hour or so that we were there but when we got back it was a very interesting dinner. Coconut rice and Lentils, Guac and fresh bread, cucumber and tomato salad.guac n bread.jpg

It was awesome to share a meal with people from all different places of the world and come together in a room full of love and joy. After leaving Mary’s house we stopped at the Ashram and hungout, I got a bottle of sorrel kombucha from Evan the Kombucha Master. A  nice time at the ashram lead to a sleepy Klaytom but after some good phone calls I find myself finishing this at 1:15 AM. My alarm goes off at 5.

Time for bed.

As Always,

Stay Grassfed


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