Becoming Grassfed Day 12: Ashram Bound

San Ignacio, Belize
I was supposed to get up at 5 AM, get some work done, and head to the market to set up the Pro-Organic booth…but after a late night of work and phone calls, my 3 hours of sleep just wasn’t gonna cut it. I ended up sleeping until about 7:25 and not going to the market until around 10. The good news was that I would have been the only person at the booth, without a table or any of the signs..we decided to regroup and hit it hard early next week. Our monthly meeting for Pro-Organic is this Thursday, this is my opportunity to step up and show my stripes.
Since I have started Grassfed, I have found a huge personal conflict with how much production I am outputting. I’ve found out that regardless of how much time I put into websites, blogs, videos, research, or any other business work I always think of things that I could have done better or worked on longer. It is something that I will have to work on in the next few months, especially because I am busy 30 hours a week with Pro-Organic and Belize Wellness Institute.

I got to the market around 10:30 and met with some awesome people, this time instead of a tourist/customer I am an associate/apprentice. Another example of asking and receiving, Law of Attraction. I got some “Belizean Better Bug Spray” and “Clean Spring Organ Detox” both products from Blossom Spring Natural Health Solutions, made by Rev. Dr. Bonnie M. Russell, DS, MH, MSL. Completely holistic products made with shamanistic energy.  Tell her I sent you! I also got some awesome Kombucha from her booth as well. A Liter of Pineapple Flavor for just $3.

After the market, I met an awesome Rasta who showed me where the chocolate store was. He was a very awesome guy who loved life and loved to love. Everyone he talked to was instantly filled with joy and happiness. I gave him a Kombucha and bought a Rasta necklace as he talked about his culture. He explained that the Rast Culture in Belize is far from the ideal situation, between low population and lack of original values there were not too many authentic Rastas in the area.

He lead me to AJAW Chocolate store, the best place for cacao in San Ignacio. The family owned business does demonstrations at Maya Mountain so I will have some videos of their procedure when they come. I got 8 oz. of Cacao nibs for only $8US. It was so fresh and powerful, cacao contains Polyphenols and Flavanols that help with everything from memory loss, treatment of brain injuries, to antioxidants and aphrodisiac effects.


As I was talking to a local man, he mentioned that rain was coming. The local knowledge of when clouds are headed our way is remarkable, almost all of them know when to head inside..always followed by a downpour. I headed to Guava Limb Cafe for some juice, desert, and watermelon juice. This is the best restaurant in the world, so fresh and organic. I talked to the owner about doing some cooking videos and Organic Farm tours at Chaa Creek(owned by the same people and provides all organic produce) so hopefully that will come sometime soon.


GLC wontons.jpg
Veggie Wontons with Guava Sauce
flourless chocolate.jpg
Flourless Chocolate Cake


At lunch I worked on my project for this coming summer: Becoming Grassfed The Movie. I plan on bringing down a group of my friends to be a film crew and help me show the amazing healing methods and organic life in Belize. The goal is to promote The Grassfed Way through Belizean and Mayan Healing methods.

My evening ended at the Chaya Garden Yoga Ashram, I am posting this the morning after because I turned off my phone and did not bring my computer out. A technological detox was very worth it. You should try it sometime and see how your mind can be disconnected from the normal patterns of the 21st century. We had an amazing Kirtan which included chants and instrumental patterns: Drums, Shakers, Tambourines, and much more set the tone for this full moon. After all of that, we went for a late night swim in the waterfall and pond behind the Ashram. This was the most incredible thing that I have ever experienced. The full moon had risen in the sky to where we could see them through the trees.

I have begun a journey of yoga and more intense meditation practice, I have tried a bit prior to now but always lacked full commitment. I am going to learn from Evan the best ways to ease into yoga and to help others who may not exactly know how to ease into it.

Each day continually gets better and better, life is good.

As Always,

Stay Grassfed


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