Becoming Grassfed Day 13: Remember, go left at the roundabout or you’ll get lost


San Ignacio, Belize

Finally, not getting up when my 5AM Alarm goes off, I shut it off and went right back to sleep.By 8 I decided to get out of bed and go down for breakfast. It is cool to have breakfast cooked for me whenever I want, but I miss cooking every day…I talked to Ray about getting in the kitchen sometime soon to cook and make some videos. That will be so much fun, he is an awesome cook and when he makes healthy dishes it is even better.

I got an e-mail from Bart last night asking if I could help clean up at The Rotary Club Magic Show, I instantly agreed. I called the leader of the event to make sure I had the right details and made sure I would be there. Little did I know what I had in store.

After lunch and calling her, I did some work for a few hours and hatched some new ideas. I will be collaborating with Nana Mensah, the organic from Belmopan who I visited with the other day. I had the idea to hook him up with the Allen Environmental Club and Science Club at the high school. Mrs. Reese and Mrs. Kulkarni both invited me back to work with their clubs after my internship. Nana is looking for interns and study abroad students to work on his organic farms and both of these clubs are full of people who would be interested in those types of opportunities.

I caught a ride into town with Marco, one of the workers from the lodge who was dropping off some of the other people after their shift. He offered to drop me off at the Magic Show Venue but it was an hour early and I wanted to get some garlic for juice tomorrow. I had him drop me off at the bank so I could use the ATM just down the street from the market. I got a pineapple and two heads of garlic for just a few dollars, I think it was $6 Belize($3US). After that I made my adventure to the magic show clean up.

I had already been by the venue when he took me to the ATM, I knew where I was supposed to be..but I thought I would be slick and take a short cut. Don’t take shortcuts in towns you barely know..I was parallel with the street I was supposed to be on but when the roundabout came I went straight. I definitely should have gone left. I continued on and did not feel like any of that was familiar except when we went to Xunantunich last month, definitely should have gone with my gut. I was walking up the side of the road as cars came whizzing by like 5 feet away.

one love.jpg

I kept going further up this hill and finally made it to a gas station so I figured that I should ask one of the gas attendants if I was headed the right way. When I told him where I was headed he laughed and pointed down the hill that I came from. Back down I went. I finally made it back to the roundabout and went the proper way, everything instantly looked familiar. It was already 3 when I made it back to where I should’ve turned. I am stuck on Belize time(or at least that’s my excuse.)

I eventually made it to the locked gate at 3:15, I thought they had already finished the clean up and that I had messed something up.As I kept walking down the street I found an open gate and a long driveway to a building with a row of elderly people in wheelchairs. I asked a few of them if I was in the right place, many just stared at me while one guy said, “You tell me.” That’s one of those situations where you just hope someone else says something so you don’t have to say anything back or laugh..I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to say. A worker finally approached me and told me to walk across the yard and go into the building. There was a guy in there labeling chairs and let me use his phone, I was early and ended up waiting 30 minutes for the first person to get there with orders on what to do.

Eventually, we started working on breaking down the stage, the set-up crew decided to staple all of the curtains together with a desk stapler. I think I pulled out about 200 staples with my fingernails. It is all just part of the adventure. I met awesome new friends and was invited to The Rotary Club meeting this month.



I also made some holistic pest control spray: Vinegar, Peppermint Essential Oil, Coconut Oil and Water. Add these to a spray bottle and spray throughout your house. The measurements are not anything specific, Mostly vinegar with a splash of coconut oil, a teaspoon(or just pour some in there like I did) of Peppermint EO and the rest water. If you want to know what is in the average household pest control spray check it out here:

All of that walking and getting lost helped me to remember to enjoy whatever I am doing, even if I am lost and walking up a huge hill getting blasted with black smoke from passing cars. I am still alive, healthy, and following my dreams.

What more could a 19-year-old ask for?

As Always,

Stay Grassfed


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