Becoming Grassfed Day 14: Yoga, Hikes, Smoothies, & More


San Ignacio, Belize

Another morning of hitting snooze, I have been trying to get up at 5 AM and it is not working. I continue to push my alarm closer and closer to when I have to leave. Like high school all over again. It is hard to get up out of covers when the AC has been going on all night in such a small area. Very Chilly.

I had an incredible yoga experience this morning, it is so cool the things you can do if you put your mind to it. I never thought that I would be able to balance my whole body on my arm(crow pose) only but I was able to, not for long but it happened! The class was taught by Sera Underwood, who shares a building with the same people who I bought the Kombucha, Natural Bug Spray, and Organ Cleanse from. I loved her explanation of class that the yoga sets us up for the meditation at the end, that being the main goal but when our muscles and minds are relaxed through yoga we can truly get to meditate with no distractions inside or out. I will definitely be going back to that class, and anyone who comes down with me will probably get convinced to come too.(beware possible visitors, you may have an incredible yoga experience)

After class I went to my new friend Barbara’s shop, Back To My Roots. I met her at yoga, she mentioned that there would be a few hours today that she would be there and that she had some natural remedies. Friendly people and natural products, I’m all about it. I went to her place and we talked about everything from GMO’s to our families and everything you could think about. She has been living in Belize for a while, after moving from Switzerland she fell in love and came right back. Her attitude of peace and love was one that I was very fond of, I wish people had that mindset everywhere. I got some Patchouli oil and Local Bitters(both for only $10US).

I got some Patchouli oil and Local Bitters(both for only $10US). Patchouli Oil is soooooo useful for healing, everything from pesticidal and fungicidal to deodorant and immune boost can be assisted with this magical oil. It seems to have gotten a bad stigma because stoners use it to mask the scent of ganja, just like anything else useful for healing,  American society will make it sound bad.


I also bought some local bitters, the only thing I will drink with alcohol in it because it is supposed to be quite the detox and full of nutrients. It is a mixture of barks, roots, and plants that are brewed and soaked in rum to ferment.The same effects cannot be attained with any other liquid, trust me I asked. They taste horrible, I can tolerate them because of the health benefits but it is far from enjoyable. It reminds me of Nyquil when I was growing up, even comes with the same serving cup..”Consume Moderately”

After getting some cool stuff from Barbara, I decided to go to Jamal’s shop: Roots, Wraps, and Smoothies. The shop has been closed since I got in town, Mary always talks about me going in so I had to dive in while I had the chance. I ordered a really good smoothie then realized that I had to run up the street to the ATM and get cash. After failing at one ATM (they don’t always like international cards) I had to run across the street and use another. Dave had mentioned to specifically use the first machine because he knew that it didn’t take your card into the machine while processing, only insert and pull it out. We have heard horror stories of people losing their cards and not being able to get them out of the machine for a few days. As I put my card in, it sucked it in and after I completed my transaction it came out. I knew it was okay that it sucked it in but just got a little nervous waiting for it to come back out. I got it, paid for my smoothie and was all good, just a little nervewracking.

roots wraps.jpg
Watermelon & Papaya

Smoothie in hand I ventured to the market for my daily fix of watermelon and pineapple. I got impatient and even paid $0.50US for a bag presliced spears on the way, yoga had me famished. The street vendors throughout the city sell everything from bagged melons to tacos and sno-cones, on some days you can even catch the guy with a truck bed full of coconuts..he will chop them open and sell the water by the bottle. I made it to my favorite vendor and got 2 pineapples and a watermelon for about $6 US, the prices are never bad. It is good to pay 50 cents a pound of less for watermelons, they are all labeled with their weights. My 14lb melon was $7 BZ so $3.50 US. Much better than paying $6 at home for one that is seedless(GMO) and nowhere near as delicious.

I had to wait for the 2:15 bus to San Antonio village so I read some of Sastun, a book by Rosita Arvigo. An apprentice to one of the last and greatest Maya Healers. The bus took off at exactly 2:15 and I was headed back to the lodge. After doing some laundry I got a little adventurous, I have been curious about the trails that are between the lodge and the river..As my mom tells Bobby and Bo(my nephews): “It’s time for an adventure hike.” And an adventure it was, the beautiful jungle soon became all I could see..the feeling was spectacular. hike pic.jpg

After this I could definitely tell that I did yoga this morning, my legs were a littttttle sore. The experience was well worth it, this will probably become a daily thing for me..Especially after getting natural bug spray. Also, I may make a little concoction of Coconut Oil and Patchouli to see how that works as a repellant. Stay tuned.

It has officially been two weeks in Belize, the longest I have ever been out of the states at one time. The feeling is amazing…I love the culture, people, and food. I have not for a bit felt homesick, but there is one thing I have learned..being inaccessible to family is a feeling I am not so sure about. Any move to Belize for me would definitely require a family member, blood or not it would be much better to experience this with someone like my mom, best friends, or one of my siblings(the few I can tolerate). One perk is that between the staff and people I am working with, I have been welcomed like a family member so it is almost like living with a family abroad. I am making friendships that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I was informed after dinner tonight that I am being moved rooms. Looks like I will no longer have my own cottage, not sure what my arrangement will be but probably a bed in the staff room or one of the bunkrooms. Oh well, just another part of the adventure.

Tomorrow morning is metaphysics class, check in tomorrow night for an update on what is going on in this tropical paradise.

As Always,

Stay Grassfed


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