Becoming Grassfed Day 21: A Watermelon a day keeps the worries away


San Ignacio,Belize

I always manage to push my alarm back as far as possible, especially when the AC is bumped all the way down and my blanket is so nice and soft. I keep failing at my goal of getting up at 5AM every morning.

As I walked out of my room this morning, a thick layer of fog covered the of the coolest things about being up in the hills is the low clouds the morning brings. I need to start getting up so I can fully enjoy them rather than rush into the first mission for the day.

porch fog.jpg

This morning’s first mission was Yoga with Sera at 9..We were a bit on Belize time though, showing up at 9:15. One of the hardest parts about being down here is not having a car, so when you want to get somewhere you have to catch the bus or Jasmin shuttle..if you don’t time these right you get to walk or pay too much for a cab. As I waited and waited, an hour passed by without a shuttle or bus, I didn’t want to walk because Mary was in the same situation a few miles behind me. Finally, she passed by in the Jasmin shuttle and we made it to town, just a short walk up the hill and Sera’s studio awaited with one message:


One thing I succeeded with today was a decent eating schedule, I hadn’t consumed anything but water and my tonics up until this point. A bottle of Kombucha and a nice conversation with Mary and Sera followed class. I like her class so much more than any others I’ve taken because it is more of a workout than a spiritual initiation, some of these yoga practices I have seen are like something out of a cult. Sera teaches breathing, stretching, and being at peace in your own mind…instead of others guiding you into what they want you to think and believe.

After a nice chat, Mary and I continued our adventure through San Ignacio to run some errands and hit the internet café so she could print some stuff. It is a little bit different here, not everyone has a printer and Wi-Fi, things most at home would nearly die without. I got to see a new part of town, more of the residential parts where most people live…I love the atmosphere throughout the whole area.

SI street.jpg

Another adventure in the books, I was headed back to the lodge to work on some co-op stuff. I want to expand Pro-Organic Belize to Placencia so the people in that village can get some good clean produce. I think that is something that everyone should have access to, people should not have to try to find non-toxic food. It should just be everywhere. I will be there this weekend so I am going to start spreading the word and getting a group of people together to help make it happen.

I tend to eat a whole watermelon in a day or so, sometimes I stretch it into 2 days but it depends on how hungry I am. The watermelons here are so good and usually only about 50 cents a pound. A little himilayan sea salt(the Arkansas way) and it is ready to go. Today I ate half of a 8 pounder all by myself…so good.

I have been working in the dining room to keep me from staying hunkered up in my room all day, I start to get bored very fast just sitting inside. I can do that in Texas, but with the jungle around me and open walls on 3 sides, it is so motivating to get things done. I hungout with Rey and Jose again as we made dinner, Couscous was the meal of choice with conch and veggies. As Seth Rogan says in Pineapple Express, “The Food so nice they named it twice.” Another evening with guys I have only known for a few weeks, but that I feel like I grew up with. More lifelong friends that I will remember forever.

I love to see people passionate about what they are doing, Rey is a prime example. Chefs who put their heart into every meal make food that much better, imagine if everyone did exactly what they loved to do. The world would be an interesting place, a much better place than it is today. Too many people live their lives for money, to buy a house they are barely in and a car to drive to the job to pay for the house. This cycle has to stop. Do what you love and the money will follow.

Tomorrow morning is metaphysics class with Randy, these are more times where I see people doing what they love. Any conversation is open and nothing is out of the range of comfort. You never know what will be brought up.

One last day before we start our journey to Punta Gorda and Placencia, a vacation from vacation…can’t get much better than that. My wonderful mother was nice enough to let Mary, Sparkle, and I stay at the condo on the way back from PG. We decided to extend the overnight trip to a 2 day holiday, can’t wait for more fun with two of the coolest people that I have ever met!

As Always,

Stay Grassfed


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