Becoming Grassfed Day 26: A Day on the Peninsula


Placencia, Belize (Heaven on Earth)

This morning was the first morning that I turned off my 5 AM alarm since I have been in Belize, it was a very nice feeling. Upon waking, I did the first thing that I do every morning…call my mom. There is no better way to start the day than to talk to the best person in your life, whoever that is…take time every day to tell that person that you love them and are happy to have them in your life.

As I was on the phone, Mary and Sparkle got up and Mary prepared us some breakfast. It has been so inspiring to be surrounded by healthy eating people (vegans in this instance) leading me to not stray off of my path of healthy eating. I have been eating very clean since I have gotten to Belize and can feel the difference, there are definitely unhealthy options but the base of solid people around me continues to propel me to longevity. Breakfast consisted of bread (made my local Mennonites we bought at the market yesterday) with mango jam (also made by them), local peanut butter, an avocado from Mary’s farm, some bananas and water kefir with tonic. I love eating a meal and being energized afterward, as Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

After some relaxation time on the third-floor palapa, we were ready to tackle the village and beach. We avoided bothering Edwin and paddled the small boat across the canal, heading into town and towards the beach. I made a quick stop by my friend Nicholas’s house to see If he was home, he lives just off the beach and is one of my favorite people in the town. He wasn’t home but I told his Aunt to send him towards the beach if he came back around. We found a nice spot next to the Tipsy Tuna, dropped our bags, and jumped in the water. There is something about the ocean that cleanses you of all worries, one of the best stress relievers available. I even made some new friends, these fish kept coming up and nibbling on my legs…not just little minnows but some decent sized fish, they kept running into my legs so it kinda creeped me out.

Just as I got out of the water, a coco plum came flying my way…I looked up and there was Nicholas, two friends reunited. He mentioned that he was taking dive classes to become a dive master and take people out to see the reefs, it is awesome to see people do things that make them happy and live their dreams. One other bit of news was that his mom had just passed away, this was shocking because he mentioned last month when I saw him that he had lost a few other family members within the past few weeks…with all of these things happening to him he remains strong and never lets things get him down, something I admire tremendously. It really makes me appreciate everything I have and re-evaluate the little things in life that I may not be as grateful for as I should be.

After a little bit of swimming, reading in the sun, and a nap on the beach (no idea how long I was asleep) we headed down to The Shack, a little smoothie shop that serves a nice lunch. I enjoyed a Caribbean Crush, packed with Watermelon, Pineapple, Bananas, and loads of nutrients. Along with a smoothie I got some delicious conch tacos, corn tortillas and cabbage made a great lunch to fuel the afternoon, but I needed something sweet. Tutti Frutti here we come. On the way to get gelato, a guy with a gallon jug asked me if I wanted some fresh nutrient-packed coconut water that he just chopped so I restocked on the magical juice. I had to find a fridge to put it in while we went back to the beach so I asked our friends at The Pickled Parrot if I could put it in their fridge, the sense of community is so prominent that if you need something, chances are one of your friends can help you out.


We hung out by the water for a bit longer before heading back to the house to change clothes and get ready to head to the market and buy stuff for dinner, another few trips paddling across the canal and we were back on the way into town. We got some bread and veggies to make Ratatouille (eggplant, carrots, onion, garlic, peppers reduced with olive oil) with noodles and some awesome Grassfed deserts.  I made a really good sauce: Coconut Oil, Raw Cacao, Mango Jam, Coconut Powder, and a hint of cayenne pepper (very small hint), sread the sauce on some bread with peanut butter, added bananas, and topped it with dried coconut flakes. Food can be good tasting, healthy, and make you feel good. Education is the key.

After dinner, we watched the movie 1971, based on the Media, Pennsylvania break-ins of an FBI building…basically the 70’s version of Wikileaks. It is so inspiring to see young people take a stand and have an impact on the political machine that many see an impenetrable. The stolen documents were sent to newspapers and published to provide the reality of what was going on, FBI spying on people. The movie is a must watch.

Today was a really good day with really good friends, tomorrow morning I am going to get up to watch the sunrise then catch the 8 o’clock Hokey Pokey to Independence for the bus into Belmopan. More adventures, more life changing experiences. More to come soon, we have a busy week of co-op, classes, and meetings ahead of us.

As Always,

Stay Grassfed


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