Becoming Grassfed Day 33: Daylight Savings Time and The Garcia Sisters


San Ignacio, Belize

I woke up and my clock said 5:16 and the sun was out, my first “fall back” (Daylight Savings Time) in Belize…daylight savings time was programmed into my head by this time in my life. It seemed to be much too early to have that much brightness outside but I accepted that the time had changed. My body felt like it had enough rest but I had to honor the extra hour of sleep so I rolled back over and told myself to go to bed.

My plan was to head to the bus stop around 11:15 so I could catch the Bus to Georgeville and get a ride to Kim’s in Barton Creek. As I was coordinating my trip with my ride to the stop, I wondered why none of the guys from the lodge were an hour back from yesterday. As I asked why they hadn’t changed their clocks, they laughed and notified me that Central America does not recognize daylight savings time.

Now that it was 12:15 I still hadn’t gotten my ride, we ate lunch and Rey gave me a ride to the end of the road on the back of his motorcycle…Only my second time ever on a motorcycle. You couldn’t pay me to ride a motorcycle daily, especially on the roads in Belize. The feeling of flying down the road was an incredible feeling, like you are floating..but I could not imagine doing that every day.

I got down to the end of the road and waited for about 20 minutes when I asked an older looking guy if he was waiting for the bus, he said yes and we fell into conversation about each other. Jerry has lived in Belize for like 65 years, moved around a little bit and now owns a small computer shop just down the road from the lodge. I like meeting people like this, everyone has a different reason for being here in Belize and that’s such a wide variety of reasons, it’s a beautifully diverse country. I finally gave up on the bus when it started raining, it is Sunday and not as many buses come and some of them are the express bus that does not stop beside Belmopan and Belize City.

I was almost back up to the lodge when it started to rain…it has rained every day this week, I love it. I took my time enjoying the cold drops until my bag started to get too wet, I had notebooks in my backpack that I didn’t want to get ruined so I started jogging in my sandals…trying to not land in puddles or slip. It was definitely an adventure. I made it back to the lodge decently dry but the walk was fun, a lot of people have to walk around to get places. I guess it is a luxury that most people take for granted.

I felt bad that I broke my commitment to going out to see Kim but most people in Belize understand that the transportation is sometimes unreliable. I went back to the lodge and had some lunch, after getting full I went on a walk through the trails up the mountain. On my way in, I looked and thought that a branch fell out of a tree but there was no tree…a little snake scurried off into the bush. My first snake experience in Belize, luckily it was decently far away. I have never been very fond of snakes especially after being in Missouri and dealing with copperheads. I soon re-evaluated the idea of running through the jungle.

At 5:00 Bart picked me up and we headed to pick up people for the Belize Wellness Institute meeting. First, we went by Mary’s and had a nice light dinner before headed to San Antonio village to pick up Ms. Maria Garcia and her niece Polita. I had heard so much about the Garcia sisters and their healing abilities, they are the great nieces of Don Elijio Panti. Upon picking them up I instantly could feel their deeper connection with the plants that most herbalists would not talk about. The Mayan traditional healing system is much more based on a spiritual connection with plants that really interests me. I learned so much new information just in a couple of hours we were with them, I can’t wait until Friday when I go to their house and learn more.

It is really a dream come true that all of these wonderful healing people are together in one place, and that I have been dropped right in the midst of them so I can absorb information from all. We got back from the meeting late so I apologize for the tardiness of this blog, I am posting it the afternoon after the fact. I try to stay consistent as possible with these as I hope you readers can draw positive energy from them when you read them and work towards acheiving your dreams.

As Always,

Stay Grassfed


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