Becoming Grassfed Day 34: Healer’s Circle at the Institute of Holistic Healing


San Ignacio, Belize-Bullet Tree, Belize

Being my first day in a new room, it feels like I am in a new place. I got up and went on an adventure into One World Village, the neighborhood next door that is in the process of being developed. There are trails all through the back of the neighborhood that go down to the river, I had been on the trails but never been as far as the river. This was getting back in pretty deep bush, I had to keep an eye out for snakes and any other critters that may be around.

11.7 sunrise.jpg

There was something about the peacefulness of the jungle, the river looked so powerful that I could not imagine being in a canoe rushing down…a lot of books talk about people going up and down the Macal by small dugout boats. After finally being forced out of the jungle by mosquitos, I made my way back to the top of the trail, now just a climb down the streets of One World and onto Cristo Rey Road. It is only a few hundred feet from the entrances of One World to Maya Mountain, I always run the last hill into the lodge and up the stairs…this always finishes off my legs pretty well. I hopped in the shower and got ready to go to Eunice’s for the healer’s circle.

Mary knows everyone, so it wasn’t a problem when the bus came early and we missed it, she was not far behind in the passenger seat at of a Mystic River(resort down the road) truck. I was happy to get a ride and we headed towards San Ignacio. Just across the little bridge and around the market, we got dropped off at the welcome center and walked around the corner to the side of a grocery store where the “Bullet Tree Express” taxis wait. They only charge $2 BZE to head out to Bullet Tree, a few miles out of town on the other side of the river. This is home to the Holistic Institute of Healing.

Holistic Healing Circle.jpg

Since I have been in Belize, I have seen a lot of cool places and a few really cool places of healing…but this place tops them all. Never have I seen such an awesome layout for a property. There was a house with the second floor a living quarters, the first floor was the healing center with different areas for massage, colonic irrigation, detox, and more. Eunice has such a warm heart and passion for healing that I would love to learn from. Education from people like this is exactly what I envisioned a year ago as I was quitting college. This is real life practical hands-on learning that has the power to change people’s lives.

We had a really good Healer’s Circle, this was a group of people with similar minds coming together on the overall topic of holistic healing. I never could’ve imagined being around such incredible and empowering people. I met 2 new friends, Nakala and Ayaba are two amazing people from Houston, here separately but have very similar outlooks on healing. Nakala is staying her for a while but Ayaba is only here for a week or so. I love the type of people I have been meeting, never have I been surrounded by such like-minded people. I believe that is the environment that allows people to truly reach their full potential.

One of the activities that we did was draw a card from two piles, one deck of cards were Angels and the other were affirmations. We went around the circle drawing one of each and explaining what they say in relation to our lives at the moment. The Angel card said willingness, I see this as relating to my new adventure in a different country where I am being as open-minded and willing as I can to learn new things about healing. The affirmation I drew said, “Abundance is my natural state of being- the more I have, the more I have to give” and this relates to me so much. I always have a tendency to share and think of others before I think of myself, my mission in healing is to affect other people rather than just maintaining my health I can help put my passion to use for change. Bringing these two together shows that I must be willing to learn an abundance of knowledge in order to achieve my dreams of becoming a natural healer and helping others lead a happy and healthy life.

Following our discussion and mediation, a beautiful potluck lunch was waiting for us upstairs. Another incredibly healthy meal proving to go against common thought, healthy meals CAN be delicious. Homemade bread, Hummus, Coconut Eggplant Sauce, Fruit, and a really tasty blueberry fermented drink/wine. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the drink, it tasted just like blueberry wine but way better than any blueberry wine I have ever had.

After the healer’s circle, I took the taxi back downtown and wondered around town for a bit, after not thinking of anything to do I started walking back to the lodge, only a couple of miles but you definitely have to battle some steep hills in the process. I like walking places for a few reasons but besides the exercise and savings of a few dollars I always see a new thing that I am yet to have discovered, there’s so much to see in San Ignacio and Santa Elena. With sweat dropping down my face I got back to the lodge, had some water and changed clothes. After getting some fruit and talked to Bart I was ready to go for a hike/adventure/run.

11.7 Macaal.jpg

I headed back up into One World to the trail, the sun was just starting to fall in the sky as I got to the side of the cliff overlooking the Macal River. This is such a breathtaking view, I have seen it before but never at sunset on such a clear night. I couldn’t imagine the things that had happened in my same exact spot, Mayan rulers looking down the river, a village on top of the cliff….who knows what types of spirits were in my company. I love seeing an overview of San Ignacio like this, the serenity of the town was overtaken by the sounds of gun battles in Guatemala. The sound traveled so well that I could hear dogs for miles and whatever was happening across the border seemed far too close. We are not far at all from the western edge of the country and entrance into Guatemala.

11.7 sunset.jpg

By the time I enjoyed a bit of the sunset it was getting close enough to dark that I figured I should head back, the jungle is not somewhere I prefer to be alone at dark. I went back and took a shower, cleaned up my room, and went down for dinner. Rey made some really good stuffed cucumbers with 3 bean salad in them. I had those with pineapple, watermelon, beans, Lebanese sweet rice, humus, and guacamole. I have been eating way too much lately and I can definitely feel it. Tonight I have a roommate, Carlos is going to be staying in the staff room with me so I am excited to hangout with him. He is one of the most outgoing and continually cheerful people in the world.

Tomorrow is round 2 of the co-op, it will be interesting to see what we receive from Mr. Martin and his family. I love seeing these people so proud of the plants that they grow, they put their heart into making fresh, clean produce.

With another great day in the books, I am happy to be in Belize with the election happening tomorrow…I hope it is a peaceful and happy day for all of you reading this from the States.

As Always,

Stay Grassfed


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