Becoming Grassfed Day 36: Immigration & A trip to Mary’s


San Ignacio, Belize-Belmopan, Belize

I put it off until the last minute…today was the last day to get my passport stamped and extend my visa for another month. As Usual, I slept through my 5 AM alarm and got up around 5:40 in times to go for a morning hike and get breakfast. I caught the express bus (only a few stops) around 7:20 and started reading my new book by Aurora Garcia and medicinal plants. Most people don’t like the buses, maybe I haven’t had to ride them long enough to get tired of them…I still have a good time even if it is packed with people and minimal cool air.

11.9 AM fog.jpg

I made it to the Belmopan bus terminal around 8:00 and walked a few blocks to the immigration office. The first step is to get your card with your number on it, the guy calls numbers out of the door and if you miss your number you have to go to the back of the line. Luckily I got number 16 and did not have to wait too long. About 30 minutes of waiting and 15 minutes with the agent and I was gone. Only $25 US to extend the visa for 30 days. I noticed a sign on the way in reading, “Educo Gym, Holistic Personal Training” so on the way back I stopped in and checked it out.

11.9 immigration.jpg

Educo Gym has a very similar mindset to Grassfed, they believe in training the healthy way for longevity, incorporating the mind into the workout and making the work stretch beyond the gym and into the rest of clients’ everyday lives. Albert runs the place and said we could go in and shoot some videos this summer when we shoot the movie. More link-minded people…better chance of achieving dreams.

I got back to the terminal in time to run to the market and catch the bus back to San Ignacio, for $2.50BZ($1.25US) I got 4 bananas, a bag of pepitas, and a chunk of watermelon. Another $3 got me on the Benque bus, going through Santa Elena and San Ignacio. The energy on the bus is usually pretty mixed, some people are happy to be doing what they are doing and others have misery written on their faces. Riding the bus has given me a whole new appreciation for the ease of transportation I have at home, instead of hopping in the truck and going somewhere I have to get to a bus stop, wait for them to get there, sit on the ride while it stops a few times a mile, and put up with whatever conditions I have waiting for me(Hot, No Breeze, Too much breeze, 3 people to a seat, etc.)

I took the bus to Cristo Rey Road and walked up the hill to the lodge, soaked in sweat I arrived back and got ready to make some lunch. Today I had 3 eggs over easy, callaloo, beans, watermelon, and banana. The staff always laughs with me about how healthy my meals are, it is awesome that people catch on to the healthy possibilities that are out there. I had to time my lunch right to catch the 1 o’ clock San Antonio bus to Mary’s house. We had plans to work on the cookbook, discuss the co-op, and to pick some avocados and lemons from the orchard.


Mary’s driveway takes 20 minutes to walk up


I couldn’t begin to imagine how my adventure here would’ve been without meeting Mary, we have had so much fun in just a few weeks that we have known each other. Our cookbook is going to highlight The Jungle Kitchen and The Grassfed Way through some of our favorite recipes full of superfoods, vitamins, and nutrients. She already has a publisher so all we have to do is get it written…Minor Detail. We worked on the layout and discussed what we want the vision to be and what sections we want to include, this is going to be much harder than I expected. Just part of the adventure. I have made the promise to myself that by 20 I will have a book published nationwide in both Belize and The States.

11.9 clouds.jpg

After an afternoon of adventures, I caught a ride with the guys working on the resort next to her house…I hopped in the back of the truck and held on for my life as we wound through the curvy & bumpy mountain roads. Another appreciation for transportation, I couldn’t imagine having to rely on the back of a truck every day to and from work. These guys don’t even think of it, it is all they know, and I think that is a much better way than expecting the luxury of driving your own car.

Dinnertime awaited me, I decided tonight that I was going to make coco fries and eggs with spinach and guac. I had eggs for all three meals today, once I had the taste of over-easy eggs with the runny yolk I kept wanting it. The coco was a little hard to make into fries the way I did it, I should’ve baked it but instead, I boiled them until they were soft and sautéed them with some coconut oil, salt, and pepper. They still turned out okay but they were a little on the dry side, I liked them that way but most people would probably like them a bit crunchier than they came out.

11.9 dinner.jpg

I keep eating too much and I can feel it as I am doing it, but the food tastes so good. I have maintained a clean diet throughout my overeating, but the biggest thing I have noticed is I have been eating bread. At home I rarely eat any gluten, and when I rarely do it is in extreme moderation. Here I have found myself eating bread almost every day, I feel much more sluggish and have way less energy. The gluten debate is not much of a debate for me, I am working it on cutting it back out of my diet and will see how I feel.

I think it is funny how everyone riots for Trump’s election, the media has played them into their game. This election was the first time the system has been stood up to, I saw it as a battle of good vs. evil. Judge me if you want but the corporate money has finally been challenged and hopefully the next 4 years will bring some change. Not the change that we were promised in 08 but a real group of courageous leaders who will challenge the corruption and lack of real information.

I think the main effect that politics has is the separation of people, I try to avoid the subject at all costs but this is the one chance we have at challenging the system and the corruption that leads to lack of natural medicine, clean food, valid media, promotes marijuana prohibition, mandated vaccines, and much more. It’s sad to see two people be angry at each other for simply having varied political views, they could be best friends but this sole difference makes them complete enemies.

I hope everyone is safe with all of the rioting going on, this is exactly what the media has set us up for. Remember that at the end of the day politics should not have any control over the happiness in your heart and quality of life that you create for you and your family.

As Always,

Stay Grassfed


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