Becoming Grassfed Day 41: The Joy of the co-op


San Ignacio, Belize

I love Tuesdays because these are the days that we set up the co-op. It has been so much fun being part of something like this, it has a much bigger impact than anything I have ever done. Providing clean food for people gives me a joy that is unmeasurable, this is just a warmup for a career of providing people with the essentials for a healthy life.

There is produce everywhere you go in Belize, from town markets to street vendors no matter where you go you can get fruits and vegetables for very low price. This is a great set-up, the accessibility is far greater than at home, but unlike home….there’s no organic section. There are a few organic choices in the market if you know where to look, but for the most part, the things that you buy at the market have been doused with loads of chemicals and shipped from Guatemala, Mexico, or even sometimes the U.S.

For members of The Cayo Agrochemical-free produce co-op(not technically a co-op, more like a buying club), $25BZ Registration Fee and $25 a week gets them a bag of greens and a bag of fruits/veggies. We drive to the Upper Barton creek Mennonite farms and deliver whatever they can harvest that has not been sprayed. We portion the supply into the proper number of shares and set up a pickup tent at the carwash across from the market.

Today was the first week that I did not go up to the farm and pick up the produce with Bart, Suzi went with him so Mary and I went to Yoga with Sera. I did a new workout last night so my arms and chest were way too sore to comfortably do some of the poses, but comfort is no guarantee in yoga. We started a new session of classes focusing on the lower back and pelvic/ hip region. I have lower pelvic tilt so this should be a good start to correcting it, LPT is when the hips are tilted forward causing the back muscles to be shorted leading to a change in posture. The class today definitely helped stretch out the tight muscles that are leading to the misalignment.

After class, Mary and I took a taxi back to the lodge and waited for the delivery of produce. We set up tables at the Maya Mountain Conference Center with bags, scales, and everything we needed to get a nice system going to evenly distribute what we have. The set up went smoothly, we had a spreadsheet set up on Dottie’s computer so we were going off of that until the power shut off(not uncommon in Belize). We had to wait until we had power to figure out where everything was going, we printed off a few sheets just to be safe. Not much longer after that we had the shares divided, and were all packed up and ready to head to the carwash.

Between 1-4 we set up our booth and table, received a few more members, and delivered all that we needed to, it was a very successful afternoon. Like I said, the feeling that this gives me is wonderful…we are taking a huge step in helping people win their lives back, clean food is the first step in the cycle of a healthy life. If you are in an area with a lot of people who would buy organically-grown foods, gather the people and start looking for farmers. When you tell the farmer that you will buy in bulk straight from their farm at wholesale price, most of the time they jump at the opportunity because it saves them the hassle of going to the market and having to pay for expenses.

After getting back to the lodge and handling the necessary paperwork, the next step on the list was a hike. I am soaking up every minute of jungle time that I can get, only 3 more weeks of having trails a few steps out of my door…I am taking advantage of that! I usually walk on the shorter trail over to One World Village and then down towards the river. It is crazy how much the river valley carries the sounds, I can hear the buzzing of cars and people talking in town from here and it is a mile down the river.

I got back and went down to dinner, Rey never ceases to amaze me with his magic in the kitchen…tonight it was a chicken breast with fried rice. After my meal, I made a few mistakes…those mistakes were pieces of chocolate cake. I have been doing very well at controlling my cravings and sticking to healthy dessert choices but I took a chance with a few pieces of fresh chocolate cake and It was well worth it. I washed them down with some freshly picked passionflower tea and by the time I made it up to my room and sat down, I was out.

I woke up at 11 PM wondering how I fell asleep so fast and realized that I had forgotten to get my blankets from the laundry room. By now the staff had already left for the night so I slept without my blankets. I told myself I was going to get up at 5:30 and write this so when I woke up to go pee, I stood up and my alarm went off. It’s cool how your body works with your mind sometimes.

It is now Wednesday morning and if you want to know what I am doing today…you’ll have to check back this evening. The day should consist of something like Metaphysics, a trip to Mary’s, and a stop by Suzi the acupuncturist’s house…but we are in Belize, so who knows what is going to happen!

P.S. Sorry for lack of pictures, my phone is acting up when I try to transfer them to my computer

As Always,

Stay Grassfed


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