Becoming Grassfed Day 44: Artemis Glass and Mushroom talk


San Ignacio, Belize

A slow morning lead to some big news, after breakfast and a morning adventure hike, Bart asked me to redesign the wellness menu for Maya Mountain Nature’s Kitchen. This is the perfect opportunity to show the wide variety of dishes available for The Grassfed Way. Maya Mountain will have a menu of smoothies, tonics, herbal teas, Superfood Entrées, and healthy desserts.

I got to work on creating the menu and morphing it to healthy standards, I love doing this because it is not even work to me, I will be doing this in a few years at my own restaurant. There are so many dishes that can be so good for you and your taste buds. Things like pineapple fajitas, lettuce wraps, and brown rice curry are filled with nutrition and taste great. I am excited to experiment with the smoothies and see how best we can incorporate Moringa into a delicious treat. This lead into lunch and more brainstorming.

11.18 lunch.jpg

Troy and Tehu came by the lodge to meet with Bart so I stopped by before leaving, They are raw chefs that can prepare delicious meals, today I found out how delicious they really were. I was given some sort of cake/casserole of raw ingredients but it was incredibly delicious, I can’t wait to learn how to make things like that.

11.18 trail.jpg

I went for a walk with my clipboard to think about the menu, I figured that was the best way to let my brain flow with creativity. I walked up and around the top trails behind the lodge, nature is so calm and relaxing…I have been coming out on the trails multiple times a day.  I have realized that my best thoughts flow when I stop thinking so hard and just let things come as they need. I thought of a few ideas for dishes and drinks while on the trail, I had a hard time writing and keeping an eye ahead of me to avoid any critters.

11.18 artemis glass.jpg

Mary and I had a 3 o’ clock appointment with Paul at his home, Artimis Glass shop. We entered into the yard and took a quick tour of his studio and glass lab, this is the first time that I have ever seen a glass blowing station. There were tons of tubes ready to be blown, and even more already done and waiting for the finishing touch. Paul has an incredible gift it was a real honor to meet him and his wife Terry. It is a wonderful way to express art, some of the things that were made I could not belive that they started with a tube of glass.

reishi mushroom 11.18.jpg

This is a Reishi mushroom, it kills cancer cells and boosts the immune system. The healing available in Mycology is something I am going to incorporate in The Grassfed Way. The afternoon consisted of mushroom talk and getting to know my new friends. It is incredible how diverse my newfound friends are, people from all over the world of all ages…It’s a blessing to be learning by such awesome people. Mycology is the study of mushrooms, we talked about different healing aspects of mushrooms and where to find some in the area. I will be hunting for some this weekend to take back to have identified.

I caught the 5:15 Jasmin shuttle and rode back to the lodge, I ate a little more than I wanted to at Paul’s so I just made a smoothie to hold me over for a few hours. I have been eating worse than normal this week, a lot of carbs and sugars…I can definitely feel the difference. I am going to be detoxing on Sunday to try to reset my body a little bit. I had a cream cheese this afternoon, the first dairy I have had in a while.

I find myself eating so much more here, although my goal is to reach optimal health while here…I have healthier eating habits at home because I control every aspect of my meals. I am anxious to see how the holidays go with healthy eating, my mom agreed to stay healthy with me when I get back for Christmas so it should be alright.

I got some laundry done and made a pot of chamomile tea while Rey whipped up some chicken fettuccini so I relaxed at the table and got to writing this. I decided to splurge a little bit more and try a chocolate brownie with ice cream. The dairy effect is another thing that many people argue whether it has any effect, once I cut out dairy about a year ago…I felt much lighter and more energetic. I have fallen off track a few times but it is very noticeable when I do, my digestive system seems to completely shut off and not want to get rid of any waste. Like a damn cork is inserted.

I enjoyed the treat, but I don’t think it is worth the way I will feel in a few hours. I am going to Purge Sunday morning to work on cleaning out my gut after the terror I have put it through this week. I am yet to do the actual purge in the morning with Epsom salt and a full pot of tea, I have been warmed that I will not be able to go far from the toilet so it’ll be interesting.

I made a pitcher of tea to help me fall asleep this evening, I have to be up at 5 to get ready for the market by 6. Another new adventure and more than likely new friends.

As Always,

Stay Grassfed



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