Becoming Grassfed Day 47: Mycological Journeys & Harry Guy's Jungle Remedies


San Ignacio, Belize

Another beautiful morning, birds singing through the Maya Mountains…it is still a bit unreal that my life has brought me here, this is crazy. I took my time getting out of my room this morning, spent some time on the computer and talking to my mom. I bypassed breakfast and stuck to water, trying to flush out a bit of dinner last night.

I went on a mushroom hunting hike and took pictures of all that I found. I am very excited about Mycology, the opportunities are endless. I had a meeting with Harry Guy at 2, I thought it was 1 so I got downtown and waited for an hour. Harry is a very experienced herbalist that makes tonics for all types of ailments, I’ve never seen such a rate of success for curing.

View of SI from Santa Elena shortcut.jpg

I got showered and started walking towards town, if a bus or shuttle passed by I would’ve hopped in but for the most part, I was just enjoying the views and sounds of my walk. It was about 10 minutes into town and across the bridge, much shorter than I expected it to take. I stopped by the street carts and got my $1 bags of sliced pineapple and watermelon, pepitas, and went down to the front of the market to get my bag of coconut water. A quick dive into the market for 9 for $1 bananas. I love the healthy convenience this town offers.

I made it to the welcome center by 12:55, I had planned on taking the food over to share but I sat so long that I ended up eating it all waiting for them. I watched taxis and buses and citizens move throughout the busy streets, the hour was definitely not wasted…time well spent, and enjoyed. Around 1:50 Mary came walking down the street waving her arms, at least if I was lost I was lost with a friend. Just a few minutes later Harry came pulling up, off we were.

We rode up to Harry’s house, all along the way we got to know each other a little more…He agreed to be a part of the movie this summer. We went into a room off of the front porch that sat a few chairs, a table, and shelves with clear plastic bottles full of herbal concoctions. As we sat and talked, slowly he began to explain the history of his remedies. Almost all who have taken these tonics as directed have healed themselves of epilepsy, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease, and more. Steve Jobs sent people to Harry when he was so sick because he had heard about how effective these drinks were, unfortunately Steve was denied treatment because he had a liver transplant (transplant can lead to complications so this is Harry’s one exception).

Mary and I sat and talked with him for an hour or so, asking questions that he had probably answered hundreds of times but he gladly carried on. We learned about his favorite roots, barks, herbs, and jungle medicine as he described each of his drinks. The barks must be harvested all the way down by Punta Gorda (about 4 hours away) in the dry season so there must be enough for the rest of the year. He told me that we could go out and help him harvest one day when my buddies are here.

Jungle Remedies Bottle.jpg

I explained to him that my feet and hands fall asleep all the time, he handed me the drink for cleaning out arteries and allowing more circulation. Along with the blood-flow, this will help with the immune system and rest of the body to stay strong and find disease. His outlook on medicine is brilliant, there don’t need to be dozens of medicines…only a few that keep the body running properly, the body does the rest. Our cells aren’t made to be sick and weak, only the outside toxins that we deal with on a day-to-day basis keep us sick. Modern medicine decides to individualize the body into different specializations but in reality, we just need to get the machine running properly. Most of the tonics have Cat’s Claw Bark, Boldo, and Balsam…these are his top 3 favorite medicinal herbs.

11.21 Mushroom.jpg

He dropped us back off downtown and we ventured into the market for a few quick things until the Jasmin shuttle came back by, we hopped in the front row and waited for it to fill up and take off. I am the first person to get off, the lodge is only ¾ of a mile down Cristo Rey Road while most take the shuttle all the way into the village. My adventure came to an end as I walked through the rain into the lodge.

I made a nice lunch of rice, fish, hummus, and cucumbers. I started slicing the cucumbers really thin and using them like chips, scooping the rice and fish on top of them. I try to make my meals at least 75% raw so if there’s rice and hummus, I have to make up for it with raw fruits and vegetables.

11.21 lunch.jpg

The rest of the evening was filled with emails and YouTube videos, the world of Mycology is interesting me like nothing else before…I definitely see a future in the mushroom world for myself. Paul Stamets describes the mycelium network as the guidelines for the internet, the same types of networks of connections and passageways that we communicate with through the web, the trees and plants communicate through the vast connections of mycelium under the ground.

I took my first serving of Jungle Remedies this evening, the taste is a bit off…but you can tell that it is strong medicine. I have come to the reality that if it really heals, it probably doesn’t taste the best. I took a shot of the orange sauce and choked it down with water, I have no problem dealing with the taste if it will help my blood flow better and stop my feet from falling asleep so easily. If anyone has any problems that they need a Jungle Remedy for, please email me and I can get you in contact with Harry. He has real medicine that is proven by the customer testimonials, I saw stacks of emails thanking him for what he had done to give people more and more years to their lives.

For dinner, I had brown rice, a small chicken breast, egg, spinach, watermelon, pineapple, and orange juice. Just after dinner Rey mentioned that he was getting a cold, I made him some ginger tea and a smoothie packed with vitamin C. I blended up some Ginger, Pineapple, and Orange Juice into a smoothie and poured him a big glass. We work together in the kitchen, he makes meals when I don’t cook and in return I make medicinal drinks and teas. The arrangement is quite nice.

After dinner, I finished up my laundry, put clean blankets on my bed, showered and hit the hay. I ate a little more than I wanted to but it was all clean food, I can feel it this morning but not in an unhealthy way, just a super full way.

Tuesdays mean co-op, Diana and Dottie will be picking up the produce since they live right by the farm. Mary and I will meet them at the lodge and help splitting it up into shares, then take them down to the carwash to distribute to members that come by.

Every day is fun, every day I learn more information on healing, natural living, and how to turn Grassfed from a thought to a reality. Each person I meet along this journey is helping me get there step by step. We just gotta keep on truckin’

As Always,

Stay Grassfed


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