Welcome to The Holistic Health Renaissance

Week 2: Holistic Medicine

Part 1: What is Holistic Medicine?

“Holistic medicine is the art and science of healing that addresses the whole person body, mind, and spirit.

-American Holistic Health Association


For thousands of years, Earth’s inhabitants have been utilizing healing methods such as herbalism, shamanism, and other holistic healing modalities. Over the last few hundred years we have lost our connection with the earth, it’s medicines, and the universe that brings it all together.

In an era of convenience, drug companies capitalize on quick fixes for issues that are largely avoidable.

Can’t sleep? Take some Nyquil

Headache? Ibuprofen or maybe even a Hydrocodone

Muscle Aches? Congestion? Lack of Energy?

What if we could alter our lifestyle to where we these issues didn’t even occur?

Holistic Medicine takes you to the core of your health, evaluating your daily routine and deciding the best strategy for YOU. Not what will incentivize your doctor, drug companies, or anyone else. Your Health is YOUR concern, fueling your body with the proper food and your mind with the proper thoughts can be the most important medicine that you need.

In a perfect world where toxins are non-existent and our immune systems were constantly at 100%, we would not have to worry about getting sick. The reality is that environmental pollution, household toxins, and food additives can increase the chances of illness. When these problems arise, we can utilize the thousands of herbal medicines. Roots, Barks, Seeds, Leaves, Flowers, and many other parts of plants can be utilized for their medicinal value.

Interested in Herbal Medicine?

This fall I will be learning from Master Herbalist Kim Ringland about herbalism. The education will include identification, healing properties, and practical usages. I will continually be sharing herb spotlight articles, DIY videos, and much more!

The modern medical system usually shuns holistic doctors because their approach to healing, increasing success rates, and rejection of pharmaceutical medicines. I am not saying that modern medicine and pharmaceutical drugs are ineffective, I am simply stating my opinion based on the research I have done and first-hand success stories that I have heard.


Where did all of this begin?


Before the mid-1800s, all medicines were natural. “The first medicinal drugs came from natural sources and existed in the form of herbs, plants, roots, vines and fungi” (1) These compounds were proven to work for hundreds of years, but now they could extract them and make synthetic drugs with any characteristics that they could imagine.

“An extract from the bark of the white willow tree had been used for centuries to treat various fevers and inflammation. The active principle in white willow, salicin or salicylic acid, had a bitter taste and irritated the gastric mucosa, but a simple chemical modification was much more palatable. This was acetylsalicylic acid, better known as Aspirin®, the first blockbuster drug” (1)

Since the 1828 extraction of salicin and 1899 registration of “Aspirin”, patented name brand drugs have replaced the holistic approach. The average doctor visit consists of taking blood and pulse, writing a prescription, paying a co-pay, and you’re out the door in 15 minutes.

While these times have brought tremendous negative health ramifications, there is a new wave of holistic thought. The days of disease and illness are over.


Welcome to The Holistic Health Renaissance

Just in the past 3 years there has been an extreme mass awakening, people are speaking up about GMOs, Pharmaceutical meds, Government corruption, and other potential threats to longevity. This is the first step in empowering a holistic society, first we must address the problem. 

What’s next?

Grassfed’s vision includes a network of holistic healers that focus on clean food, consciousness, exercise, and natural medicines. This may not seem like quality healthcare and insurance won’t cover it, but this approach is used in many countries of the world without fail. This is true healthcare, not the medical industry. Rather than observing an issue and prescribing a pill, holistic healers dive to the root of the cause and assess the problem through the body, mind, and spirit.

The holistic healing opportunities in Belize are unbelievable, that is why I love it so much. Beginning in September I will be highlighting healers and their practice through podcasts and a TV series. Support us on Patreon to receive exclusive healing tips and much more!


Klayton Carpenter








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