The Everybody Tour Makes a Stop in Allen





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“Look to the person to your left, look to the person to your right, these people are your family. I want you to keep your family safe tonight”


Not many people can say that they have been in a room with 5000 people who you call your family singing songs about Peace, Love, & Positivity wrapped in rap beats, ballads, and a tear-jerking tribute to suicide awareness. I am lucky enough to say that I have officially been to my third Logic concert, and this one topped them all.

On Saturday, July 22, 2017 Sir Robert Bryson Hall III and the Everybody Tour packed the Allen Event Center for 3.5 hours of Positivity. Although I have not been following the team as long as many, over the last year and a half I have watched a new culture emerge. This culture is The Ratt Pack, people of all ages and all colors brought together for a message that is changing the world.

Peace, Love, & Positivity

While I would have had an incredible experience simply seeing the performance, my exciting day started at 10:00 AM as I called the Allen Parks and Recreation Department to confirm our field reservation, picked up bats and balls, and spend the afternoon with Chase Marchetti.

You may know Chase as DJ Rhetorik, the man who runs Logic’s show…but after spending a few minutes with him you will realize that he is just a regular guy who is following his dream and DJing on the way. He spoke of self-reflection and self-awareness being a major factor in his work, becoming free of what others think and do so you can achieve what you truly imagine.

 Chase Marchetti a.k.a DJ Rhetorik and Danny Ortiz of The Free Nation (@FreeNationMusic)
Chase Marchetti a.k.a DJ Rhetorik and Danny Ortiz of The Free Nation (@FreeNationMusic)

He spent his high school years playing baseball until picking up the turn tables so whenever he gets the chance to play ball and see fans, he spends the afternoon before sound check at a local field.

We met up at Allen Station Park, played catch, hit a few rounds of balls, watched him fly his drone, and then snacked on some Real Food Bars. We share a common interest in eating whole foods and avoiding processed preservatives, it’s funny how people like this continually come across my path…life is good. I am excited to collaborate with him in the near future.

Thank you to the Keith at the Allen Parks & Recreation Department for all of your help!

By that evening, I could not imagine the day getting any better…but of course Lenny, Chase, and Bobby (Logic) did it again. Lenny, Or Big Lenbo as he raps, opened up the show with a set right out of the 90’s. Although I wasn’t alive to be the real judge, Many agreed that Lenny took us back to a time when music was a bit different. His passion spills out in the music and it was an honor to see him on his first tour.

 Lenny a.k.a Big Lenbo
Lenny a.k.a Big Lenbo

I know it sounds weird, but it seems to be a routine to shed a tear or two at a Logic concert. We are among one of the great entertainers of our time. I would argue that he is at the top of the list due to the way he is tearing down walls of stereotypes and negativity.

Whether it was picking people out of the crowd, personally introducing them and thanking them for being there, or bringing up a guy to rap with him on stage…we were a part of the show from start to finish. After watching his 2-hour performance I had cried, jumped, laughed, and watched a game of Mario Kart in what will forever be the most bizarre (and best) hip-hop concert I have ever been to.

That being said,

Thank you Bob and the gang for coming to visit, thank you Chase for coming out and playing ball with us, and thank you to all the awesome people that I met and support Grassfed.

Best Wishes and Safe Travels

As always,

Stay Grassfed


Klayton Carpenter 


Thumbnail Photo by: Mike Holland 

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