Christmas on The Cayes

For our second straight Placencia Holiday, we decided to head out with Captain Terrell of Blue Water Sailing. We weren’t sure what day we would be able to go out because of the inclement weather but when the Captain called us early on the 25th with confidence that it would blow over, we packed up and headed towards the pier. (The skies didn’t agree but we trusted Terrell’s experience on the water) After a great day with these guys last week, we knew that even an hour on the dock would be a good time.

Unzoomed view from the porch of our cabaña
The mornings at Tradewinds would never get old..
Looking towards the Placencia Pier
Looking down the coast
Luckily, this rainbow sent us on our way with good luck
Behind the Scenes of
Miss Aimee Conway
The Coast of Placencia
The Placencia Pier
Awaiting our boat
A Norwegian Cruise ship sits behind the bay of sails
The Royal Runner of Royal Belize passes by The Enclave
Little boats, bigger boats, and the big boat
The Island Time Getaway arrives!
Captain Terrell and the gang will pull right up to the pier
The Captain Himself, 21 year-old Terrell Taylor of Placencia, Belize
The Big Brother and Aimee
In his mind he knows the weather will blow over..
The Day Trip includes Fishing!
Snacks on The Sea
Shades of Blue
Stereotypical Toes Picture
Aimee loves watching for dolphins
Captain Terrell Taylor

Want to learn more about Captain Terrell Taylor? Listen to The Grassfed Podcast #8 with Terrell and host Klayton Carpenter on


Welcome to Ivan’s Island

Lunch Time!
Edgar is that you?
Sweet Peppers are among the many crops in the garden on the island,
The steady wind from the morning’s weather helped pull the sail along quite well.

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