Waking up Thrilled

April 16

Allen, Texas

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I submitted my taxes yesterday, the early morning birds chirping as the sun peaks through the clouds, or the fact that in under two weeks I will be in beautiful Placencia village…but this morning I woke up with enraptured with joy.

It is Tuesday April 16, 2019 and I am in the process of preparing for my next trip down south. It will be my 4th trip of over a month in the last 3 years and the anticipation that has been growing around this departure seems to be greater than any of the past trips..But why? There’s only one answer: The time is here.

The last few years have been filled with excuses, snail-like productivity, and “what if’s” that have stunted the growth of this organization. The great thing is that now I have zero excuses left: I have money saved, my equipment is ready, and I’ve connected with a group of incredible people throughout Belize…now I must create! The roadblocks are gone. There’s nothing else to say, it’s time to show people what I have been brewing in my mind.

Over the last few weeks I have been crippled by a sensation that I can best describe as Resistance, (an idea popularized by Steven Pressfield’s War of Art) a feeling in my gut that says “Hey dude you’re about to leave, you should relax a bit before you go” and while tax time may have been a reason for this, my forms are filed and that excuse is out the door with the rest of my excuses. There’s something about facing your full potential that is a bit overwhelming. 

Today feels like the start of the next phase. The 10th Episode of The Grassfed Podcast will be released today after months of anticipation, my best friend Danny Ortiz came on the show to discuss his life of up’s and down’s with his health and family. There are many more shows to come in the next few months, much of the month of May will be spent recording in Belize.

I must go now, the flow of thought that I woke up with is now telling me to get my ass to work.

Happy Tuesday,


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