The Belizean Dream Continues: The Adventures of Don Piña

April 29, 2019

Placencia, Belize

After a long 4.5 months of saving money and developing The Grassfed Group, I rose at 3:00 AM in Allen, Texas and am writing this on the patio of my Mom’s house in Placencia, Belize. This was the smoothest travel journey I have had since coming down to Belize for the first time in 2015, I’m usually running behind or forget something along the way but today was smooth from start to finish.

I had my bags packed and weighed last night as I did not want to worry about tackling any tasks between my alarm at 3 and my ride at 3:50, allowing time for a relaxing morning to gather my thoughts and brace for impact. Life is happening right before my eyes and I am certain this will be remembered as a turning point in my journey. My luggage was loaded with 1800 empty bags to be filled with Moringa, a newly updated podcast recording equipment, a couple of pairs of shoes to hand off to the Placencia Running Club, and a bunch of goodies for Mother’s Day…each bag weighed in advance to assure it is under 50 lbs.

Dallas Love Field was the first destination, there I learned that you can beat the Monday morning business rush if you get through security before 6 (maybe I just got lucky…who knows!) so I zoomed through the short line and then had the opportunity to sit for a while and tell the TSA guys what was in my bags. (A handful of cameras, metal microphone stands, Don Piña de Grassfed and more cases with electronics in them) After a short delay I made it to my gate with time to kil. Next Stop: Fort Lauderdale!

Don Piña de Grassfed at Love Field with Boarding Pass.

I managed to make up at least an hour of sleep on this first leg, my neck wasn’t proud of me but after listening to Akira The Don and Jordan Peterson on the  latest episode of The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast I wanted to take advantage of the little bit of downtime that I had. Speaking of Akira, if you haven’t heard of him I highly recommend his music! He created the genre called Meaningwave where the songs are crafted when the spoken word of popular lecturers and speakers is melded with electronic music that fits perfectly with the message. (He is worth an entire blog so look forward to that!)

Don Piña de Grassfed at Fort Lauderdale Airport

Landing in Fort Lauderdale makes me feel like I should play some Sylvan Lacue “Florida Man” and dance through the halls but I refrained from dancing and channeled my efforts into taking pictures of Don Piña de Grassfed, our mascot and spirit animal. I soon hit the next Southwest flight for Belize and caught up on another half hour or so after a Gary Vee Audio Experience Episode just in time to fill out Customs Declarations forms and slide into Philip Goldson S. W. Airport. Customs was a breeze and I even grabbed a bottle of Vodka from the Duty Free Store to save some money in the village. ($40BZ vs. $125BZ)

Don Piña de Grassfed with Belikin at BZE

Maya Island Air is one of the two airlines that travels around Belize and while I don’t always fly into Placencia I paid extra for the convenience of getting there quick. Although I missed my flight I grabbed a Belikin on draft to pass the time and about 4 drinks in I got paged to board the next flight so I chugged the beer walking onto the runway and boarded my last plane of the day. The trip would be a bit under an hour with a quick stop in Dangriga, leaving just a few of us on the last leg to the village.

Dangriga Coast from Maya Air

After our flight I asked the Captain to grab a picture with The Don and he happily agreed, a great flight to end a great day of travel…but the day has just begun!

A short wait and I made my way through the village to my Mom’s place at Placencia Pointe where her and my step-dad Dave were happily awaiting. As fun as it is to travel I get more joy out of being around these guys wherever we are at, they are a true inspiration for how to live life with a balance of business, pleasure, and profit. I couldn’t wait very long after I got back to start unveiling some of Mom’s Mother’s Day gifts. A new camera, Dr. Bronner’s soap, Tom’s from Maine products, and more…I hate keeping in surprises so I announced it was the beginning of her Mother’s Day Extravaganza.
Tipsy Tuna

We walked into the village to check out the cottage they are renting and get some lunch but remembered that mostly everything was closed during that time of the day so we got a bucket of beer and tacos at Tipsy Tuna (you’ll never go wrong here) and walked over to their cottage. (When the house rents they have a place they stay in the interim) While on the way we stopped by Evolution Beach Gym to say hey to Gallo and Melanie. He just so happened to be training a kick boxer for a competition in San Pedro on the 18th of this month,  his training capabilities stretch far beyond personal training and chiropractic work.

The first day was a great reminder of how much fun the village is, but tomorrow I’ve got to get focused and begin creating. 


2 thoughts on “The Belizean Dream Continues: The Adventures of Don Piña

  1. Thank you, it’s so nice to be back! Many more adventures coming in the next few weeks so feel free to follow along!!


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