“Growing up in a family laden with chronic disease and cancer, I wondered what the source of all of this sickness was. After discovering the world of holistic health, I began researching alternative therapies, organic agriculture, the chemical industry, and more. I dropped out of school and developed a foundation for what is now Grassfed. I wanted people to understand that there is a wealth of knowledge that they can utilize to optimize their lifestyle to prevent disease for them and their families. After seeing the results of certain therapies throughout the last few years, I am proud to say that my vision of bringing all of these practitioners and creatives together is coming to fruition. I believe we can incorporate these elements into our lives without sacrificing the fun of going out, traveling, or eating those things you really want to eat. My goal for Grassfed is to provide a platform to bridge the gaps between the knowledge of these incredible people and the digital world of today.

Klayton Carpenter, Founder