Becoming Grassfed

Becoming Grassfed is an insight to the things I am learning in Belize, from gardening to cooking, medicine making, classes, lectures, and more! Published Wednesdays (Usually)

Becoming Grassfed Ep. 1

In the first episode of Becoming Grassfed, Klayton shows some of the planting methods he is experimenting with, some pumpkins from the garden, and a little bit of fun time on the farm. Published May 28, 2018

Becoming Grassfed Ep. 2

After learning how to start the seeds, you will see how to prepare the area to plant as well as learning an easy and natural way to fertilize the gardens and save water.

Published June 10, 2018

Becoming Grassfed Ep. 3

This is why I love planting, to  adapt the current harvest to my passion for culinary arts. Find out how we eat here on the farm, The Grassfed Way.

Published June 14, 2018