Mission Statement: To empower long and happy lives through a holistic way of life, making the connections between organic farmers, restaurants, hotels, trainers, and tourism..

Main Objectives:

  • Providing a local market for responsibly grown foods raised without the use of synthetic agro-chemicals.
  • Creating opportunities for export of Belizean health food products for United States markets, in turn creating employment opportunities throughout Belize.
  • Developing ecologically and environmentally sustainable alternatives to toxic cosmetics, household cleaners, convenience foods, and bug repellents.
  • Establishing sustainable tourism adventures based on the cultivation of organic agriculture projects, gourmet clean cuisine, nature, and the growth of Belize.

A Message from the Founder:

“I believe we are at the point in time where our opportunity to reclaim our health and happiness has never been greater. In 2018 we are putting into action the plans developed in the years prior, it is all coming together. 

Currently, I am attaining a Belizean work permit and developing a market for weekly shares of farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, and health foods throughout the country. There is a need for a consistent source of clean food in a country that is small but spread out into several major areas.

I have been blessed to call Belize my temporary home while I learn and grow my knowledge of medicinal plants, organic agriculture, holistic living, and plant-based cuisine. My group of mentors ranges from Master Herbalists to Gourmet Plant-based Chefs and Agricultural Gurus, My goal is to share a bit of the knowledge that circulates this unique community while empowering YOU to find a place in life where you are empowered to learn whatever you want in your quest to a passionate life.”

Thank you,

Klayton Carpenter