The Grassfed Group

The Grassfed Group is a holistic consultancy focused on providing strategic business consulting, producing in-house content, developing new markets, and winning.

What does it mean to win?

For us, it is developing a clean product that can be sourced with sustainable materials and brought to market with profitable margins in order to continue the Grassfed brand while producing free content for our community to learn and grow as individuals.

For you, it may be to simply reach a monthly net of $500, to grow your community of clients, or to scale into a franchise-like corporate machine. We will do our best to put these plans in to effect while keeping your vision in mind and enacting Grassfed’s philosophy of a holistic process in both business and life.

The Founding Story:

The Grassfed Group was founded by Klayton Carpenter in October of 2018 to create a voice for holistic-minded businesses. Since the Spring of 2016 he had been operating, 2017 brought upon The Belizean Dream and by 2018 he had found himself promoting businesses in Belize while buying time for the registration of Farm to Family Ltd. (Grassfed’s Belizean Food Distribution Company)

By this time the community of Grassfed was growing into he hundreds, there were t-shirts on several continents and Klayton returned to Texas. The first trip he took was back to the First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas where he had been operating his antique business prior to departing for Belize. Throughout the weekend as he rekindled relationships of the past, he created a new one…Enter Daniel Miller.

What’s up now?

The Grassfed Group has officially partnered with Daniel Miller Creations to scale into a full-time gig for Miller, future plans include talk show appearances, book publishing, and a web presence that will bridge the gaps between chainsaw artists and organic farmers.

We will be taking on several more clients as the year comes to an end, Grassfed Media will be providing in-house production and videography services while building personalized brands that correlate with both the vision of the artist and a sustainable model supported by everything that Grassfed puts their energy into.