Toxin-free Households

Toxin-Free Households



Total money spent Lobbying in 2016 by Chemical Industry.

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Outcome? Majority of Americans still don’t know that the body washes, shampoos, detergents, and various household chemicals are loaded with chemicals that are linked to immune system disruption, cancer cell growth, and many more detrimental health issues.

People like Ken Cook are the ones laying down the path so we can all make a difference, check out this video of why he created EWG and what we can all do to assure a clean environment for the generations to come.

The Environmental Working Group

EWG is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the environment and health of all humans. They continually advocate reform in the cosmetic, agriculture, energy industries and more. 

View their strategic plan for 2015-2017 here

Skin Deep is one of the many EWG Consumer Guides that help decipher through daily purchases and lifestyle choices. Through this guide you can search a personal care product and see what ingredients are in it and how those will affect your body.

Plastic Reduction

Today most people’s houses are full of plastic dishes, their food comes in plastic, their hot coffee goes in it, it is everywhere. There are a few major chemicals found in plastics that should be avoided such as:

BPA: Synthetic Estrogen imitator linked to reproductive health, testosterone loss, and cancer    

Solution: Avoid Plastics Labeled PC or #7 and chose canned goods labeled non-BPA lining

Phthalates: Trigger a rection in Testicular Cells referred to as “Death-inducing Signalling”, hormone change, and thyroid irregularities.

Solution: Avoid PVC(Recycling #7), Unregulated Ingredient “Fragrance” on products, and plastic food containers

DIY Natural Alternatives 

There are a handful of basic products that can complete your household cleaning arsenal.  The possibilities are endless, Holistic Bug Sprays, Teeth Whitener, Air Freshener, and so much more. Not only does this cut down on spending, this guarentees that your house is free of any chemicals that will harm your body.