World Food Day 2017

World Food Day 2017

As part of a worldwide initiative to change the future of migration and to invest in food security and rural development, the Food and Agriculture Organizations of the United Nations hosted their annual event at Belize High School of Agriculture in San Lazaro, Orange Walk District on October 20th.


The building blocks of a country

At a time where farmers are hanging up their boots and moving to cities at a record rates, it is crucial to  establish a sustainable agricultural system that is immune to foreign conflict and disruption. This year’s event was to shine light on the amount of famers moving away from their native fields to make sure they can keep food on their family’s table. Belize has thriving sugar and citrus industries but their use of AgroChemicals is not sustainable, the farmers that remain in the fields are getting sick (wonder why).

Pro-Organic Belize

Efforts to Ban Glyphosate

After joint efforts lead to the banning of GMO’s in 2013, Pro-Organic is part of the current effort to ban the herbicide Glyphosate, the main ingredient in RoundUp and hundreds of other products. Dr. Stephanie Seneff was in Belize this April to testify to the Pesticide Control Board on the ban and speak on the dangers of glyphosate in the environment. 

Pesticide-Free Produce Co-op

With almost a year in the books, the Pesticide-free Produce Co-op has empowered 4 families from the Upper Barton Creek Mennonite Community to grow their entire farm free of Agro-Chemicals. By guaranteeing a consistant market, 


Orange Walk Department of Agriculture

The Orange Walk Department of Agriculture’s booth displayed local foods. From beans and corn to pitaya and cassava, Belize’s diverse selection of crops was on great display.


Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA)

BAHA provides information and education on the importance of Food Safety, Good Manufacturing Practices, Export Certifications, Quarantine services, and much more. They regulate imports at the border to assure the safety of native agriculture from invasive species and diseases.

   Pest Alert Handout: Red Palm Mite
Pest Alert Handout: Red Palm Mite

   Benefits of Vacuum Packing
Benefits of Vacuum Packing

Contact BAHA

  Nationwide numbers for BAHA
Nationwide numbers for BAHA

Contact your local BAHA office for any questions or issues with agricultural health in your community. These are government organizations that are at your disposal as residents of Belize, feel free to utilize these services whenever is necessary. 




Caribbean Agricultural Research & Development (CARDI)

CARDI’s mission is to enhance the socio-economic well-being of Caribbean people through research that improves the competitiveness and sustainability of regional agriculture.



The Department of Agriculture Cayo


Belize High School of Agriculture